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released July 14, 2016

Chris Haverland: Guitar, Vocals
Ryan Menting: Drums, Synthesis
David Couto: Keyboard, Bass



all rights reserved


Bohemian Club Riverside, California

"their pretty good"

- Steve, of California

We play rock in riverside

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Track Name: Buzz
Someone put a helmet on me, because I'm acting like a retard and I have these daffy tenancies that have to be worked out with me. When you were in my head - which you weren't I won't admit that... Oh god, I just admitted that, didn't I? Now I look like an asshole. I will be whoever you want me to be, I want to be your dog, I'll be your fucking dog. I want to be your friend, your fake, little brother friend. I am propelled by love, but I am not flying. I'm being hurled above. It's just a matter of time before I hit the floor. Where the fuck is my love life? Where is my ivory isle? I've never been so high, but I am not flying. I'm falling with style. So I busted out my moves, God knows I'm smooth, because he doesn't see these tendencies that have to be worked out with me. I'm not in love. I can't fly. I am just a toy.
Track Name: The Antisoc
I'm an absentee, socially, and that's fine. THC and TV take my time. With cold sparks, I embark on this burn. Though it's dim, chances slim that I learn how to be at peace. I'm a no-see fashionista. I know that I probably won't succeed, but if God is in my flavor, then I know that I probably won't succeed. I know that I'm done and so tired of losing all my beauty sleep. I wish I walls dolled up and pretty so someone might approach me. I am Gucci Mane, understand what I'm saying? Money means nothing to the Gucci Mane, and that's what makes us the same, my friends. Well that and my whole plan to be impressed at, ovate at me, and finally be at peace.

"It was better to have loved and lost than to have never loved before."
Track Name: Drop Off
There's a guy at the top of a parking structure, drinking beer with his friends, sitting through a sex ed lecture, being taught by the "fucking" best. And he's looking over the edge again. He really likes drop offs, and that's what he tells his friends. Maybe he sees some kind of portal at the bottom where the curb is. I think he feels strangely mortal on the top floor where the hurt is always there. I want to love you, but it's always there. I want you to love me too, but it's always there. I want to want to fuck you too, but it's always there. I wonder what I did to piss God off like that, so I could say sorry or something. I wonder what I did. I feel the hurt too much to make the scene it takes to get people to look out for me. I'm not a stable man. I can't play your stable games. I'm a dysfunctional man with a forgettable name.
Track Name: Crowned

It's pretty complicated, my win-win situation. Behold my river flows with gold ore. I'm feeling you like there's nothing else to do. Like a kidney stone I tried to pass, I'll stay right here. I'm miserly, admire me, I'll stay right here. Look at me, I'm high and mighty, I'm the mother fucking king, bow to me as I adjust my crown. Don't talk to me, because I know everything. Can't hear you from how high I am. I'll be lounging in my chair. My servants wave the leaves to dry my hair. It's wet from swimming in your mind. You think I'm dreamy? Oh, you're too kind. You and I sitting so god damn high. Above it all! How is my pedestal?